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How to know whether to repair or replace your roof?

Homeowners understand the importance of maintaining a sturdy and reliable roof. Over time every roof will need attention and care to ensure longevity. Here are some roofing insights to help understand when to repair or replace your roof.

Whether your roof is getting old or you just had extreme weather it's important to remain aware of your roof’s condition. Start with inspecting the interior and exterior of your roof.

On the exterior look for water spots or discoloration that warp the shingles and exterior finish. Looking closely at where the roof meets the exterior walls, when damaged this can look distorted. Check the gutters for granules from shingles clogging the gutter or coming out the downspout. Granules are a sign of roof damage either breaking down because of weather or improper ventilation from the inside.

When inspecting the interior look closely at the attic or any rooms at the top of the house closest to the roof. Look for signs of water damage causing the walls or ceiling below to warp or stain.

Warning signs like these require you to take action to prevent further damage. Now it’s time to decide whether roof repair or replacement is necessary.

Roof Repair:

Roof repair, in most cases, is the better and more cost effective option. Repair can extend the life of your roof without the expense of fully replacing it but there are conditions to consider.

Start with the age of your roof. A relatively young house where the roof is newer it’s likely you can repair the damage or if the roof is under a warranty you can contact the manufacturer for repairs.

Consider how the damage happened, if you can pinpoint when and how the roof was damaged it can be easier to determine if repair is the best solution. For example, a major storm just occurred, it’s likely the roof damage was a result of that storm. In these cases the exterior damage is usually visible and most weather damage can be repaired.

Lastly, consider the extent of the damage. A minor issue like a missing shingle can be repaired or if the damage is limited to the surface of the roof replacing a few shingles can fix the problem. It is important to consult a roofing contractor to check if any of the underlay or decking was damaged.

Roof Replacement:

Eventually for all roofs a full replacement is necessary. As a roof ages the less efficient repairs are and the more costly they become. If your roof is coming to the end of its original 20 to 30-year warranty replacement is likely necessary. If you’re not sure the age of your roof then it’s likely beyond the original warranty and time to replace.

If there is extensive damage to the roof, replacement should be considered. A lot of damage can be repaired but if the damage begins to affect the structural integrity of the roof it needs to be replaced.

Lastly, if the water damage or leakage is on the interior of your home, replace it right away. Some damage may be able to be repaired but it can take too long.

Don’t wait to get your roof repaired or replaced, you can prevent minor problems from becoming major ones by having a professional roof inspection . Call Superior Roofing for a free inspection today 603-654-1940.

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