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No company offers as many roofing services as Superior Roofing. Most roofing businesses want to put you into the "strip and re-roof with asphalt only" box. While that is certainly a service that we offer and excel at, Superior Roofing offers many alternatives to maintain, extend the life of and rejuvenate your existing roof.

Residential Roofing

We can help with all of your roofing needs. We do everything from cleaning, repairs, full roof replacement to rejuvenating oil

Siding Services

Vinyl, Composite, and Wood siding! Ask your siding specialist for information

Commercial Roofing

Whether it's a small structure or an entire plaza, Superior is equipped to handle any of your commercial roofing needs

Seamless Gutters

Protect your home, foundation, and basement with our seamless gutter service


While not the first option most homeowners want to jump for, Superior Structures is cleaner, faster, and more affordable than your average contractor.


We pride ourselves on taking creative steps to solve your unique roofing issues, which is why repairs are just as important to us as installations.

Alternative Roofing Solutions

We also provide affordable roof cleaning and rejuvenation services to extend the life of your current roof well past its expectancy.

Asphalt Roofing Systems

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Metal Roofing Systems

roof sample banner metal.png

Rubber Roofing Systems

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Vinyl Siding Services

Superior Roofing and Siding Milford NH Siding.jpg

Composite Siding Services

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